Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Indoor Cycling Studio Software

Indoor Cycling is still on the rise and has become one of the most popular groups of fitness classes in the world. Group cycling has been around in various forms since the 1980's and there are over two million people that participate in some kind of indoor cycling class. Over 70% of the 5,000+ clubs tracked by IHRSA provide cycling classes, making it the most popular group class that is offered today. It seems like every fitness company is developing their own indoor cycle and group class format. Indoor cycling is a great business if you do it right.
The layout of an indoor cycling class should look like a semi-circle around the instructor, preferably with mirrors on all sides of the room if possible. Lights should be dimmed and music turned up. The instructor needs to have easy access to the stereo and volume, bass, treble, and pitch controls. The instructor also needs to have a good wireless microphone in order to lead members during the class. A froth piece should be used to shield the mouthpiece from sweat and dampness. 

The froth piece will likewise shroud a large portion of the static and substantial breathing that originates from the educators mouth. I've composed a bit of furniture to hold all the stereo hardware and help boost the best experience for the teacher to play their music while being open to amid class. The educator's bicycle ought to be lined up in a touch of an edge with the goal that individuals can see and take after the teacher preceding onward the bicycle and presentation distinctive positions for the best riding knowledge.

If you're ready to increase your cycling performance without the time requirements and safety hazards present in road cycling, you need an indoor cycle that gives you the same feeling and benefits as your bike does. At Studio Bookings, Indoor Cycling classes are an ideal place to work on proper cycling technique and provide a traffic-free environment that can go a long way toward replacing the on-the-road experience. It’s a great place for cycling novices to improve ten aspects of cycling that will quickly make them a better rider. Studio Bookings also provides Indoor cycling studio software

If you already own a cycling, yoga, and/or fitness studio, we have the resources to better streamline your business while reducing costs and building class sizes at the same time. Relay Fitness has proven solutions and a quality brand with the Indoor cycling studio software that will improve your profit without all the maintenance of traditional indoor bikes. It offer a variety of indoor cycling classes that foster personal growth, a sense of community, and offer riders an opportunity to transform body, mind, and spirit.  And with a fierce devotion to customer service and to creating the ultimate indoor cycling experience. At Studio Bookings, our solution was to develop Studio Bookings Online, a robust online Studio Management and class reservation system. We loved using it for our studios so much, we decided to offer it to every studio, small or large, so they too could access this wonderful convenient way of managing their schedules, member bookings, instructors and much more all online.   For more information visit the site

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