Saturday, 7 November 2015

Increase Your Cycling Performance

StudioBookings works as a fully-branded online store or as an in-studio point of sale system for products you wish to sell in your indoor cycling studio. The Cycle studio software includes support for product categories as well as tax status at the category or individual product level. Cycling customer attendance and purchase history, as well as marketing tools that let you discover zip code profiles and send messages to indoor cycling studio customers. 

StudioBookings Cycling Studio reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Cycling Studio Web Site is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the StudioBookings Cycling Studio Web Site. With decades of combined development experience and a proven track record, our skilled team of artists, programmers, and designers have been involved in the development of many great products throughout the years. StudioBookings is a premier developer of interactive entertainment software. It is also the developer of the Vicious Engine, a comprehensive and fully portable middleware solution for consoles, handhelds, and the PC.

Indoor Cycling is still on the rise and has become one of the most popular group fitness classes in the world. StudioBookings provide Cycle studio software and classes, making it the most popular group class that is offered today. It seems like every fitness company is developing their own indoor cycle and group class format. Indoor cycling is a great business if you do it right.

The layout of an indoor cycling class should look like a semi-circle around the instructor, preferably with mirrors on all sides of the room if possible. Lights should be dimmed and music turned up. The instructor needs to have easy access to the stereo and volume, bass, treble, and pitch controls. The instructor also needs to have a good wireless microphone in order to lead members during the class.

Do you use membership and cycle punch cards for each class, or are indoor cycling sessions included in the membership dues? Rebate a schedule of classes. Make sure to schedule classes at the optimal times during the day.  Be sure to keep your bikes clean and perform any maintenance issues necessary. A non-functioning indoor cycle means one less trainee. Follow the guidelines on your indoor cycle; some indoor cycle require. Be sure they have links to more information about where to sign up for classes. 

Make sure to hire certified instructors that have at least a couple of year’s experience. Cycling instructors need to have high energy to keep the class interested and intrigued. The classes should flow nicely and be fun! Have your potential instructors put you through a routine before you hire them. Put together an email list of family, friends, clients, and anyone with a pulse. Plan weekly or bi-weekly promos to get people excited about indoor cycling. If you're ready to increase your cycling performance without the time requirements and safety hazards present in road cycling, you need an indoor cycle that gives you the same feeling and benefits as your bike does. For more information visit the site .

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