Thursday, 7 January 2016

Set Up Your Indoor Cycling Studio

Indoor Cycling is still on the rise and has become one of the most popular group fitness classes in the world. Group cycling has been around in various forms since the 1980's and there are over two million people that participate in some kind of indoor cycling class. StudioBookings provide Cycle studio software, making it the most popular group class that is offered today. It seems like every fitness company is developing their own indoor cycle and group class format. Indoor cycling is a great business if you do it right. Create a schedule of classes. Make sure to schedule classes at the optimal times during the day. Before 7am and after 6pm are usually the most ideal times for classes.

Be sure to keep your bikes clean and perform any maintenance issues necessary. A non-functioning indoor cycle means one less trainee. Follow the guidelines on your indoor cycle; some indoor cycle requires daily maintenance and adjustments. Make sure to hire certified instructors that have at least a couple of year’s experience. Cycling instructors need to have high energy to keep the class interested and intrigued. The classes should flow nicely and be fun! Have your potential instructors put you through a routine before you hire them.
As a Fitness studio software provider, we comprehend what it's similar to plan and reschedule classes and work with individuals consistently. We think about rushing to check the arrangement book when a customer calls us to check class accessibility and to what extent it takes to figure out which Members need to restore their class cards. For more information visit the site .

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