Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Yoga Management Software Application

Every day, the energy of your studio and instructors inspires devoted students to come to their mats, exploring ways to grow and get stronger. In this spirit, studio bookings was designed to give you all the time saving tools you need to integrate student data and find new ways to nurture and grow your studio.  From simplified auto-billing to easy-to-use student tracking and helpful customized reporting, you’ll save time, get more insight into your student base and improve your yoga or Pilates studio software.

Yoga has its roots in India and initially it was taught to students by their guru's in ashram in a way, which was called Guru-Shishya parampara. As this ancient knowledge started spreading throughout the world yoga teaching shifter to modern-day ashrams, the yoga studios. Today yoga studios are managed very professionally and have started using technology to save time, cost and provide better service to their clients. If you are one of those guys contemplating about getting a Yoga management software application for your studio then there are certain points that you should keep in mind to evaluate such a solution.

Now don't get bothered about these big technical words, what this means is that the solution which you but should be an Internet application. Since its an internet application there would be no cost of servers, hosting and maintenance involved and the best part is that you can use it from anywhere. If you have multiple branches teacher from each branch would be able to manage her own branch and you as an administrator will be able to see details of all branches at a single place.

The application should allow you to create multiple batches for the same branch each having different pricing, time and teachers. Once the timetable is created it needs to be visible to all teachers in their login so that they know when and where they have batch. The application should be able to manage all time of yoga batches including home tuition.

You should be able to define different payment schedules for each student and customize it by providing discounts wherever applicable. As per the schedule the student and his teacher should get intimation that the payment is due. Receipt generation is a must for such an application. 

The application should send automated intimations via email at every important occurrence. Like for overdue payments, payments received, change in class schedule etc. Application should have the facility which allows you to take payments from your customers by cash or online. One of the biggest challenges yoga studios face is growing their student base. 

With StudioBookings's yoga studio marketing software, you have the power to expand your reach and streamline the booking process for new students all from one platform. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. Our customized booking page integrates with your website’s design and flow, making it easy to tell yoga students about your studio and instructors and help them take the next step by registering for a class. For more information visit the site http://www.studiobookingsonline.com/ .

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