Monday, 8 February 2016

Software for Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, Zumba and More

Pilates is different from other exercise program in that it focuses on multiple muscle groups at the same time. Pilates techniques assert that physical energy and movement exerted from the core should coordinate or flow outward to the limbs. All methods are built on controlled movement and muscle control. Because Pilates created every movement with a purpose, each one is vitally important to the success of the whole. Pilates exercises will not only strengthen weak muscles, but will also elongate muscles that tend to be tight both resulting in improved joint mobility, improved muscle elasticity and complete body balance. 

Pilates breathing is done with precision, control and concentration. For the blood to do its work properly, he believed it had to be charged with oxygen so wastes related to fatigue could be purged from the body. He believed that full and thorough inhalation and exhalation were key to oxygenating muscles and is a part of every exercise. Forced exhalation is key to full inhalation. Practitioners are instructed to engage their deep abdominal and pelvic muscles and breathe deep into the back and sides of their ribcage as they exhale and then maintain this engagement as they inhale.

The energy for all Pilates exercises is said to begin from the center or core and flow outward to the limbs. Quality of movement is vitally important in the Pilates workout and is emphasized over quantity of repetitions. By concentrating on smooth, controlled movements, the practitioner becomes acutely aware of how their body feels. It is important in Pilates that the mind is in tune with the body thus concentration is key to every movement in every exercise.

Pilates is built on muscle control thus uncontrolled, sloppy movements defeat the purpose of the practice. By teaching balance and control of the body, Pilates teaches the body and person to work more. Efficiency of movement is to be continuous between exercises. Exercises are intended to flow within and into each other through appropriate transitions. Flow will build strength and stamina and through continuous movements can re-train the body to move more efficiently and safer.

Pilates is safe and the amazing benefits are available to just about anyone. Top athletes and professional dances use Pilates not only to build strength and help reduce injury, but also for improvement of flexibility and agility. Models and celebrities practice Pilates to help maintain beautiful physiques. Practitioners love Pilates for the body conditioning it truly provides; toned and strengthened core muscle groups, heightened body awareness, injury prevention, increased flexibility and control, improved posture and balance, and ease of movement through daily life efficiently.

Studio Bookings provides software for pilates, Yoga, KickBoxing, Zumba and more. At here, we understand the work it takes to run a successful business, not just a successful studio. Our Pilates, Yoga Fitness studio software solution was to develop StudioBookingsOnline, a robust online Studio Management and class reservation system. Pilates software focuses on perfect and precise movements. Every movement has a purpose, and to leave out any detail forsakes the intrinsic value of the exercise.  For more information visit the site .

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